Neat, stylish, yet offering heavy duty protection, our sliding gate systems combine a number of benefits to provide you with a dynamic security system. gatesSliding gates, in either cantilever or tracked form, are ideal for locations where sloping or uneven ground, or even just simply a lack of space makes the use of hinged gates unfeasible.

Cantilever sliding gates are designed to remove the need for a tracking or support across the roadway beneath them. Our cantilever sliding gates can minimise the clearance between the gate and roadway for added security and the balance which prevents the gate from tipping when fully projected comes courtesy of a unique enclosed runback track.

The quality of the materials used and the strict tests that we subject our sliding gates to guarantee 100% precise movement every time.


•Manual or electro-mechanical sliding gate variations
•Cantilever gates are available to suit widths up to 10 metres
•Tracked gates are available to suit widths up to 15 metres
•Gate heights available range from 1.8 to 3 metres
•Manual operation of gate in failsafe mode (should there be a power cut, etc.)
•Safety of reverser anti-crush control – movement stops and reverses if barrier boom gate comes into contact with an object
•Available in a range of colour-coded enamel paint finishes or in standard galvanised steel finish


Access Control Interface
Automatic barriers can be fitted with a multi-function logic system, enabling interface with a range of access control systems such as:

•card swipe systems
•coin/token systems
•digital keypads
•induction loops
•proximity readers
•push button or remote control

Optional Accessories
Our automatic and manual sliding gates can be fitted with a range of optional extras to suit your exact needs. These include:

•stop signs, traffic lights or flashing lights for additional safety
•decorative “wrought iron”-style design for improved aesthetics

Please feel free to contact our Sales team by telephone or email for further information on our sliding gate systems and the various options and accessories available through our contact form.


Traffic control barriers, from 3 metres to 12 metres, with operating speeds of 2 –20 seconds. A wide range designed to suit each application from a car parking revenue system to the entire coverage of a dual lane transport entrance.

Can be fitted with:

warning lamps
hanging rack
top and bottom rack
locking posts
access control
coded entry
push button control
remote control

Why choose Automation? 


• Does your site work 24-hour shifts? Is it secure at night?
• Are company and employee vehicles safe around the clock?
• Are visitors safe in areas where fork lifts and machinery are being used?
• Is your site safe from industrial espionage or sabotage?
• Are the general public safe? Can children wander on to site?
• Is there a hygiene control? Is food production at risk of contamination?
• Are there any combustibles on site? Is there a risk of arson?
• Is there a risk of theft from site, cars or buildings?
• Are insurance premiums increasing? Could they be reduced with improved security?

Our site survey teams will be more than happy to help design a suitable system for you and perhaps this will be easier during a survey.

Please feel free to contact our Sales team by telephone or email for further information on our traffic barriers and the various options and accessories available through our contact form.