Timber Fencing

A fence acts as a boundary for your garden. It also protects your plants and at the same time gives you privacy from intruding neighbours and their kids. There are many types of fences available e.g. you can use stones, rocks, glass, bamboo, concrete, wood, timber, etc. as the material for your fence. If you want to use natural material, choose timber fencing.

Timber fencing is considered as the traditional fence in many countries. Though there have been many new products in fence material, timber is still the first choice for many people. There are many varieties and options available in fences made of timber. Modern times have modernized these fences too.

You can use hardwood for your fence. It’s a natural resource. This type of timber is stronger and harder. As a result it will absorb less water. So shrinkage of wood will be less with this type of timber. Hardwood needs only 2 rails, rather than the usual 3 and its posts can be 5.4m apart from each other, because of its strength. Take extra care to get good quality hardwood so that it could last you for a long time and you don’t have to get it replaced or repaired.

Another variety of timber is pine. As pine is grown usually as a material for fences, its supply is regular and prices are stable. Pine is usually treated with CCA i.e. Copper Chrome Arsenic which acts as a resistant to bugs and insects. Timber treated with Grade 4 of CCA is suitable to get in contact with the ground, which helps in keeping the moisture away.

There are 3 basic types of timber fence:

This is a new style of installation of fence which has emerged in recent times. You can get this style of fence in either pine or hardwood. You can either keep its natural colour or you can colour it as per your choice.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAA fence of timber adds a touch of class to your garden. If you use good quality timber at the time of installation, you will not have to worry about changing your fence now and then. Nowadays the chemically treated timber last for a long time and does not shrink easily either. You can, of course change the fence after it gets discoloured or you can paint it again.

If you want fencing services or want to know about new styles of timber fences, get in touch with us. We have endless options for you to choose from.