Palisade Fencing

Corrugated Pale, or Palisade fencing presents a formidable barrier and is often specified where there is a need for high security.

The forbidding appearance and inherent strength of the pales provide an effective deterrent to would be intruders. It is available in a choice of head styles, both in the traditional ‘D’ pale profile, and ‘W’ section pale for added security.

Palisade is offered in a range of heights up to 3.6 metres, and is self-adjusting to slopes of up to 1 in 3. It can be supplied assembled in panels, or bundled for site assembly along with either bolts or rivets.

Palisade is available in a range of finishes, galvanised in BS 729, or galvanised and colour coated in various colours to blend with the environment.

Pales are available in two sections.2009022012010430000100

‘W’ section is often preferred to the more traditional ‘D’ section, offering increased security due to the fastener head being concealed and therefore less easily tampered with, and the pale itself being inherently a stronger profile.

Palisade is offered in a choice of heads:

A. Plain head2009022012040330000100
B. Rounded head
C. Rounded and Notched
D. Single Pointed head
E. Triple head
F. Triple pointed and splayed
This head affords the greatest deterrent
but is generally recommended for use
only on fences over 1.8m high.

Palisade is manufactured to BS 1722 Part 12 1990 or other agreed specifications. All hot dip galvanised to BS 729.

Non standard heights and alternative pale thicknesses are available with support legs to BS 1722 Part 12. Details on application.

All commercial and industrial premises and any site requiring a high degree of security, for further improved perimeter protection.2009022012050430000100

Palisade fencing system is offered complete with matching gate systems. Curved sections and fantails can also be manufactured.

Galvanised or galvanised and colour coated. For details of finishes and colour range available, contact Hodson & Kauss.

Usually between 7-20 days.